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a good year for bramble wine

this years seems pretty good
it was a bit of a rubbish year for my crop for providing eating berries as it was quite cool, grey and damp when warm and sunny would normally be considered better.

anyway imho the over moist and under sunned fruits have an ace flavour if fermented out with rather a lot of sugar.
they have produced a pretty good dryish, port type wine which considering this batch was from fruit i would usually make jelly with is rather fun

it wont last long and isnt a laying down version but as a young strong wine it has some merit

i did pop a cup of nice strong tea in 3 litres to drop the acidity (the sludge proves it works) but for a young wine it is quite gentle Wine

Just bottled some 2015 blackberry metheglin. Powerful stuff. Don't think it's got the structure/fruit to keep but should be a splendid winter warmer over the next few months. Reckon it'll make good Kir-type drinks too.

2015 was a good year for size and ripeness , iirc the wine was pretty ok but the less promising looking fruit this year seems to have produced a better than usual wine .

the two bigger batches are not quite ready for racking yet so i dont know if it was just a random thing or a fruit quality thing.

if it is the latter it means i have wasted a lot of opportunities by rejecting what might be be best fruit for the job.
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