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a morning in a pond

can be quite nice ,i did a few hours cutting reed on the ings today .

the gap in the middle got bigger

2 things that struck me were that after a few bundles i could have had a boat to sit on and the other was to roof a decent sized roundhouse would take a lot of work
Rob R

I thought they'd forgotten to mention you Laughing

Good work Very Happy Summer will soon be here...

Good stuff. I like a bit of pond clearing.
Mistress Rose

Is that suitable for thatching or other reed work? I assume that there wasn't enough to make any use of. Were the scrapes made for wildlife, or were they there naturally or as a result of previous use?

the area was a swampy bit where a beck hits a hollow,then flood defenses were built and it got compacted as a works site,then it got some scrapes added with a mini digger for wildlife etc about 20 yrs ago

it is city side of the main flood defenses but acts as a reservoir if there is a lot of rain ,plenty of wildlife.

the reed would be ok for thatch if it was cut when growing ,a lot of that was a bit old for good thatch and there isnt enough to make it worth does make good invertebrate heaps when bundled and woven into above flood level hedges,so it sort of becomes thatching but for for beetles etc:lol:
Mistress Rose

In the past, hazel coppice was cut for rescue purposes and just left. Now there are more people using it and it is becoming commercially viable again, so wait a few years and you might have a small business there supplying thatching reed.

Good job done.
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