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Green Rosie

A step closer to keeping bees

We have got had second swarm of bees here this year and this time a friend has caught it. He's going to take it and give me bee keeping lessons so hopefully I can have my own swarm next year.

One of the bees kindly stung me on the nostril but I had no nasty reaction and I did learn that they like diving into long hair. Luckily that one didn't sting me ... nor the next few that got in my hair before I put it up in a hat.

It seems I am one step closer to keeping bees Very Happy
Midland Spinner

Yes hats are good.

Excellent news.

One of our bees decided to harass the wussy spaniel this evening when I was watering the garden. The fuss she made, I thought she had already been stung. Racing round in circles, howling and holding one back leg in the air and trying to hide behind my legs. The bee was just sitting on her back end, her hair was too thick for it to sting though. Laughing
Green Rosie

Laughing - we had a friend's dog staying and he is exactly the same with buzzy things. He was a cowering wreck when a hornet flew in the house even though it was nowhere near him!!

My friend successfully collected the bees yesterday and I'm looking forward to visiting his hive soon.
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