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A thank you to Downsizers

Just finished planting things out in the greenhouse. Tomato and cucumber plants. Things went well this year (so far) thanks in part to Downsizers and posts by various people. Can't remember who they were but this is the good things:

1. Learning about Real Seed Company on Downsizers. We've been getting seed from there for a few years now and I particularly like their cucumbers and the Amish tomato. Was just admiring how well the plants are doing.

2. Reading about someone who has a big water butt inside their unheated greenhouse and how it modifies the climate for them. We have a long lean-to twin wall polycarbonate greenhouse which is unheated. We haven't had that many frosts this spring, but have had some temperatures near zero and also wind chill. So we wanted the tomatoes and cucumbers out there to get the better light but..... no greenhouse heater. So what I did was fill 2 litre milk bottles with water and surrounded the seed trays and before the plants got too tall, I balanced a sheet of glass on top of the milk bottles. The plants did well, no crisping, no sadness, even when the temperature in the greenhouse had been down to 4C.

So thank you Downsizers.

Cool. Cool That's what we were meant to be about in the first place. Smile
Jam Lady

Tint the water in the milk bottles rather dark with food coloring for better heat absorption.

Use warm water to fill - less dissolved oxygen.

Run a bead of caulking on lid before sealing.

Can keep for a very long time - as long as they don't freeze and rupture.
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