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Absolute Madness

2 bedroom barn conversion / farm house for sale 499,950 in Monmouth, Monmouthshire NP25

Yes, it has 3.8 acres of land but who in their right mind would pay 499,950 for a 2 bedroomed (yes you read that right) barn conversion, which only has 102m2 of floor space. You would have to be completely off your rocker to pay that amount of money for that! I will be interested to see how long it stays on the market. A serious case of The Emperor's New Clothes!!!!

I still can't quite make out if it is a typo, they are mad or it is a joke!!!

I love the kitchen stools, mind.

They look like framed turds. Laughing

If it's the same one it looks like it sold for over 400k last year so the asking price doesn't look too daft.

Obviously it depends on location but the price wouldn't be far out for round here and a bargain in the south east.

Even if it sold for over 400,000 last year, it wouldn't make the asking price any more realistic. It simply means someone paid too much. I don't think it is the same one because Zoopla tends to list the pricing history.

Nearly 500k is not realistic for this area. I have been looking at quite a few properties and there is considerably better value to be had in that price range.

It probably is the same one I've found (look at the EPC for date and postcode, and that ties up with the sold price). Zoopla will then give you an estimate which does suggest it's on the market for more that you would expect if nothing has been done - but then you can make an offer.

I've seen properties that are overvalued for more than that one appears - I think people are happy to try their luck for a few months, or years.

Well, here you go, for 100K LESS, you get an extra bedroom, 3.5 acres with a stream and wild garlic in your garden!!! Laughing

''The accommodation is in need of renovation and improvement and offers an excellent opportunity to renovate and create a superb family house with character and charm. ''

Sounds like 100K worth of work to me Sad

I do prefer it to the barn conversion though.


Although photos do lie.... most of the updating looks pretty superficial... and even if you did spend 100k, you would still have an extra bedroom... more floor space, wild garlic & a bit of stream!
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