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advice re giving permission

I have some land which has a lot of rabbits. A local has told me about some one who would like to shoot but wants me to give permission. I am happy to do this but am unsure about what I should look out for... my responsibilities to the guy and others. How should I word the permission etc?

Wording wise there's some details on the BASC site.

It might be worth asking to see his insurance and gun licence documents to satisfy yourself that those are in order?

Check that he's a member of the Gamekeeper's Assoc or BASC or some other organisation that gives him Public Liability insurance - 10m is the usual amount. Also, check how often he will come - some people turn up a couple of times and then lose interest, and you need someone who comes regularly.

Find out what his experience with firearms is and what he intends to use. Also, be clear what species he may take - if you want rabbits, pigeon, corvids and fox shot, but not hares or deer, spell it out in the permission. I suggest you give permission for six months initially, and see how it goes.

Try and find someone else he's shot for - ask for a reference: a shooting permission can be highly valued so you can pick and choose who you let in.

Thank you very much. Very helpful. I did look on the BASC website but missed the example permission.
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