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Agaricus xanthodermus not food

i just added another, that i can now recognise at a quick glance / poke to my list of not food, it is a typical agaric and looks not unlike several edible ones when young but the key id feature is the stem base stains yellow when cut.
just to be sneaky the yellow colour fades after a while so only a fresh cut will give it away as not food which could cause problems if you picked em in bad light and later threw them in the pot whole.

it gives most folk a bad tum and does look rather appetising if one did not notice or know about it staining yellow.

a good reason to be cautious with the agarics , some are delicious, some rather dodgy like this one and there are quite a few things that have been mistaken for agarics with very bad results

I found a big patch of yellow strainers 2 seasons ago. They do look very similar to "field mushrooms" & only the yellow staining at the base of the stipe & the slightly "inky" smell to give it away. It's easy to imagine the careless or uninformed eating them & suffering the consequences - though no idea if they taste good or bad.

that is why i mentioned them. the one i found today was my first in the flesh so to say and they are very similar to dinner .

i knew it wasnt one i knew reasonably well so checked it out .

im rather wary of agarics and only have 3 on my food list and i am very careful with a full id for those.

We found one today. It did show the yellow-staining reaction, but not everyone could detect the inky/phenolic smell.

And how old do you have to be to know what ink smells like?

The gills were a beautiful pink, and it looked very nice!

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