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Air source heat pump

WHAT a rip off!!!!

After a cold-call telephone call (which I don't usually respond to in a positive way, but as we're still waiting for our 2 quotes for wood-oil-solar, I thought "what the heck"!), we had someone come round to give us a quote for an air-source heat pump. Well, to be honest, what I agreed to was someone coming round to give us a quote for "renewable energy central heating" ...

Anyway, after nearly an hour here (and he was already over an hour late when he got here, despite having been given crystal-clear directions how to find us, which he ignored ... and then he rang and I again gave him clear directions from where he was ... it still took him 40 minutes to find us, and he was only 5km away when he rang!!), we finally managed to wring a price out of him. Chris and I both looked at each other and LAUGHED!!

OVER!! Now, we already have the plumbing and radiators, so this is JUST to supply an install the air-source heat-pump.

Why oh why are these things SO They're only a refrigerator in reverse, after all! I can understand the ground-source heat pumps being pricey to install because of the extensive groundworks necessary ... but the air-source simply needs to be bolted onto an outside wall ...

The sales-pitch is also very clever, in that it skips-over the amount of ELECTRICITY you need to pay for to RUN the darned thing, using the amount of oil you'd need for "top up when it's very cold" as the "only" cost involved. They thus quoted us a 20-year pay-back period. However, take the electricity consumed into consideration (for our house, this would be 6kw PER HOUR in winter!), and you're looking at more like 26 years ... and the thing is only expected to last 28 years! Well, whoopy-doo ... 2 years' free heat then we'd need to buy another flipping unit!

What a total rip-off!!

Needless to say, we sent him packing without placing an order!


Go Vanessa Laughing

A lot of the stuff out there at the mo is either bad tech, or good tech used inappropriately, and quite a lot is sold at hugely inflated prices. It's always best to start with insulation/airtightness, minimising demand means whatever tech you use to heat has much less impact.

It's VERY difficult insulating and draft-proofing a 200 year old farmhouse!! Especially without losing some of the character ... I don't think we have a right-angle in the house (apart from the windows and doors). Laughing I do think that we will have to dry-line though, as it can get very cold here in winter (minus 25).

We do have 20cms of fibreglass insulation in the loft, though - that was one of the first jobs we did when we bought the place, as prior to us doing that, it was insulated with ... old cardboard cartons, opened out! Rolling Eyes

firstly, don't bother with a heat pump running radiators, they can do it, but the CoP tumbles, if you are doing works any way, then consider under floor if you are looking at a heat pump.

2) if you have air temp. of -25 then i would steer clear of air source, as the intake is liable to freeze up and then it gets harder to get to the heat you need in the air.

3) it is perfectly possible to insulate old buildings, and to render them air tight, it just requires some thought, and the more of them that I do, the easier it gets as each one i different, so you adapt the technique to suit, and therefore build up a range of approaches. (unless of course the characteristics that you want to keep most are the drafts)

4) unless you are keeping the wind out of the 200 mm of glass in the loft, then it will be doing little to help keep you warm.

has it got fireplaces ?

yup, thats a rip off all right.

I've heard of a company in south Yorkshire thats doing air source heat pumps much cheaper than ground source. Dont know the exact price, but I'd imagine it'd be in the low thousands.

Air source HP's are much less efficient as they work over a greater temperature range- probably 30 centigrade (-5 to 25c). This means they cant be optimised as GSHP are. So the CoP is much lower.

I think sending him packing was exactly right.

Have you actually experienced -25 degrees there? That sounds very cold for the Limousin.

Sounds like cowboys dressed in suits to me. Don't consider heat source pumps unless you're using it for underfloor heating [I reinterate Brandon's advice here]. Radiators require high temperatures that heat source can't supply not without copious amounts of electricity so you'll end up with electric heating. I only advise heat source where houses have very good insulation and heat loss has been minimised.

Anders wrote:
Have you actually experienced -25 degrees there? That sounds very cold for the Limousin.

Yes, Anders, I have!! Only for a couple of nights, but boy was it cold!!!! Minus 18 is quite common in February. Having said that, right now it's particularly mild; 8 degrees minimum last night, and getting up to between 12 and 14 today! Hoorah!!
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