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Air source heat pumps

Anyone have any experience of these to provide domestic heating and/or hot water?



we have one from IVT here on our home in Sweden where they are the most common source of heating being installed.

When we moved here we tripled the size of our house in mē and yet managed to cut our kW-h by half - literally - by heating the house with a heat pump instead of the gas central heating we had in the UK

Thanks for that. I'll follow it up.

Where are you considering installing such a thing?

AFAIK, *air* source heat pumps are rather noisier and less efficient than ground (or water) sources. But they are cheaper...
And they can be installed in flats and offices without any available ground (or water!)
However, you are going to take an efficiency hit if you use any heat pump to heat domestic hot water (or run a conventional radiator heating system) - because of the greater temperature uplift needed.

I think that the economic viability depends on what the alternatives might be. And that does seem to differ from country to country.

I think that most heat pumps are relatively low in kw output (certainly compared with gas boilers) and so would seem to be a part of a solution that also involves *very* high spec insulation.

Thanks Dougal. I take your comments on board. I am looking to move house at the moment (although the market isn't moving) and the place I am looking at is a 30 year old semi with a 30 year old gas boiler. If it all happens and there is enough cash left, after upgrading the insulation I was looking at replacing the entire heating system. What I would really like is a heat pump (maybe ground because, as you say, the efficiency is higher) combined with solar thermal and, possibly, some PV. It may also be better to replace the floors and use underfloor heating. The initial economics may be poor as the house is on mains gas. Any thoughts/comments you have would be much appreciated.


mike, i would as you say, start with the insulation, money you spend there will benifit you as long as you live in the house, then if you want/need heating, under floor is the way to go, and if you want then a heatpump will work fine. Couple this with an MVHR and you should be seeing very low heating demand/cost.

Insulation is the key, and a high level of air tightness.
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