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mr olive oil

alexandra palace farmers market

i had a great day at alexandra palace farmers market on sunday with the help of my wife and son,we arrived at 8am and had set up and were ready by 9.30am

i had prepared and packaged all my new products in readiness, i had a response better than i would have anticipated, lots of people out not just looking and tasting but prepared to spend and showing a genuine interest in all my products as well as wanting an insight into how and where i produce, when and where i collect the wild herbs

i was suprised to sell right out of wild caper shoots as it is not something you see in the uk, but it obviously helped giving out tasters

a lot of people said to me that they had come over to taste with no intention of buying, but they liked the product so much that they ended up buying one or two items

my best sellers was my fresh cyprus olive oil as well as my infused olive oils, people appreciate that peppery kick, my olives went down a treat especially my green domat olives marinated with garlic, crushed coriander seeds and lemon

but the best sellers were the wild herbs and my own farm produced preserved lemons, sweet paprika and chilli flakes, these were being snapped up mainly by the other foodie stalls.

my farm produced baby walnuts in syrup and my bergamut marmalade also sold well

apart from having a good day selling my products i love the atmosphere of a good farmers market, i love chatting to people who show a genuine interest in your products, my main aim now is to possibly locate and attend a few other farmers markets on a monthly basis, as and when i am in the uk

Thats a nice market, if a little on the small side.

There is a lady there that makes the nicest and richest cakes! Slabs of sugary goodness.
mr olive oil

i shall lookout for her on my next visit
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