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All dead

All my bees have died Sad

I introduced the new queen which seemed at first to be OK but I think it was too late and the remaining bees were too old or something. Checked them the other day and they were all dead in a small cluster on the comb. The queen was dead a little seperate from the others.

Have to start again next year.
Barefoot Andrew

Midland Spinner


Build some swarm traps over the winter & put them out in February near to where you think bees might be.
(Within half a mile of someone else's bees is always a good spot). Wink


Can I also suggest that you put a min-max thermometer in the empty hive to measure the temperature. Just in-case it is an issue of location and not something you did. A strong wind channelling at the hive can cause the bees to ball up to try and keep warm but fail.
Always sad to hear about a loss.

Isn't a small cluster of dead bees in the middle of the hive a symptom of colony collapse?

Have you got any big farming neighbours who've changed what crops you've got?

Small cluster on the comb sounds very much like they've failed to make winter bees AKA a problem with the queen possibly made worse with N. ceranae or varroa or viruses.

This year, more than ever, is one when beekeepers have needed a level of disease and colony reading ability far beyond a beginner's course.

Sorry to hear your news Sad
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