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All in One Chocolate Cake

All in One Choccy Cake Recipe (as borrowed from Here )

225g/8oz plain flour (though I did it with bread flour)
350g/12.5oz caster sugar (I did it with normal gran)
85g/3oz cocoa powder
1.5 tsp baking powder
1.5 tsp bicarb
2 free range eggs
250ml/9 floz milk
125ml/4.5 floz veg oil
2 tsp vanilla extract (I did it with insides of two fresh pods)
250ml/9 floz boiling water

For choc ganache icing
200g/7oz plain chocolate (have done it with milk/ a mix all seems to work fine)
200ml/7 floz double cream
tiny pinch of salt (my addition)


1. Pour all ingredients except boiling water into a bowl and mix together.
2. Add water slowly until the mix is glossy.
3. Pour into greased 8" sandwich tins (though first time I did this in bun trays and made 2 x dozen buns)
4. Put in pre-heated oven 180c/350f/gas4 (though on our fan it seems to be 160c)
5. Bake for 30/40 mins (test by sticking a knife in, if it comes out clean you're good to go)
6. Make icing - bung chocolate and cream in a pan. Heat and stir till chocolate melts completely.
7. Remove from heat and whisk till smooth (or don't bother Smile )
8. Allow to cool until thick enough to spread (2-3 hours room at room temp so I'd bung it in the fridge.)
9. Assemble and eat.

In reality, I'd do the ganache icing first. It can be cooling down in the fridge while you sort everything else.
Green Rosie

Well done that man - that is one seriously good chocolate cake Very Happy

Dealt with appropriately.

The best!

It is absolutely fantastic!

Will give it a go at the weekend - I think BW is ready for a break from Hermans.

as rain keeps stopping play, i have it in the oven now Very Happy

cake is done work a treat thank you for sharing this recipie Very Happy

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe this weekend........

Will give this a go next week Smile

deleted - double post again :/

Uh-oh, I have all the ingredients Shocked

Looks fab Arv


Will give this a go next week Smile

Works very well.

Say hello to Mr Mithril and young Ms Mithril.

They are very sound folks Smile
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