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am wondering

im going to brean on a small break im wanting to get up early to do stuff as in anything on the beach i got no kit and no knowlage of what to do any recommendation's i could do? im wanting to take a crab line but what am i to expect to catch i got a 2 yr old girl i want to do things with any info will be greatly appreciated

If our two year old is anything to go by, a stick to poke things with and a bucket to put things in will keep her occupied for ages. No specific knowledge of Brean - but I think it's sandy rather than stony, isn't it?

longest sand beach at about 7 miles i think not 100% though

set a very fresh fish baited rig 3 waves out on an incoming tide ,bell the rod at the top of the beach .play with the little one ,a fish is a bonus , small hooks are good
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