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An alternative to Etsy?

Etsy has changed...

I've heard of an alternative.....

still a USA organisation.

Anyone got any suggestions?

There are a number of UK sites as well. Misi, Folksy, Wowthankyou, are perhaps the main ones apart from the expensive ones such as Not on the High Street. Personally I fond I get more sales via my own website than through any of them though. There is also ArtFire though that is also US based.


Anyone seen this site?

I think it is US based again,but looks interesting....also fee free

just looked at Misi, 3% fees on sales...reasonable. can't see the listing fees

Anyone here use it?

Unless you're willing to invest in your own you'll always be at the mercy of collective retails sites and changing policies

It needn't cost a lot. Domain independent web sites can be had for 2.99+VAT per month. Add Wordpress (free) and bolt on Woo Commece (free) and suitable theme (free or low cost) you have a viable ecommerce site. Use PayPal for processing payments (3.4% iirc). Only thing you'll really need to invest is time and good photography.
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