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fish (the other one)

an article i wrote for the village rag.

in todays society some find it hard to imagine folk still practice the old country ways of getting a free meal, over the years of strugling to feed myself and my family i have learned from the old poachers and from books,well if your interested read on here a few tips. Wink well where to start!

hares, hares like to sit in a clump of grass some call it a 'form',approach from down wind on a windy and wet day,creep up,he will be crouched down ears back feeling sorry for himself! then dispatch with one stout wack on the head,do it right or itll scream like a child and the keeper will be upon e before yer know it! when using a long net for the beast,set yer net at gate ways,theyre lazy sods and prefer to run under a five bar than through the hedge!, when using a long net be sure to let a foot or so lay on the ground and bow away from the drive,that way the hare will get caught propper and not run along the net.

conie,staple diet of the poacher for a thousand years! so many ways to get a meal there! snares are handy,but old conie are wary,theyll smell yer hands easy enough! i keep mine in a rabbit hutch,theyll take on the smell of the rabbit,when i go to set some snares ille put them in a bag with some of the bedding ,just to rub me hands with before i set em.theyll need setting 3 fingers high, find a used run,how do you know if theyre used ?i hear you say! well find a well worn run ,cut a briar and place it across the run,next day return,if its used therll be a bit of hair on the thorns.problem with a snare is the foxll check them too! easy meal to be had!dont forget to use a stout peg,in times past an anchor or big stick was added incase the peg was drawn.
gins are/were good for conie,bit illegal though,ime told that they should be burried for a week to mask the scent of man.
when stalking prey with gun or bow,be ever conciouse of all around you,a pidgion flying accross a field that suddenly changes direction means he saw man,and that man may be the keeper! listen for the blackbird,he is just as eager to give the keeper away as you! with powder rounds only shoot once ,the first will get the keepers attention,the second will tell him where you are! never return the way you went ,he may have seen you slip out the back gate and into the fields!.allways keep the setting/rising sun behind you,makes it harder for your prey to see you.
there are many tips i could shareif yer interested! Wink

I'd bung it through a spell and grammar check first if I were you.

fine as is

As it describes and advocates practices that are illegal, I doubt it will be here for much longer anyway.

knowing how to is not .
and who is the greater criminal he who feeds himself or he who steals and encloses the commons and woods
probably not going to stay though in exactly this form but with a bit of rewriting the info might be "ethicalised " Wink
i could probably add a few ideas and ask a few questions .

Thanks for posting. I like it Cool

It would probably be better written as a retrospective article, more of a historic anecdote rather than ‘advice on how to……....’, as some of the practices described are a bit near the knuckle as far as legality goes (to say the least). I do agree, however, that it is an interesting piece and it would be a shame to lose it. A bit of careful rewriting would sort it out though.
fish (the other one)

thanks folks,the village rag does the spelling check.and they pay handsomly for my inept ramblings! and may i add that many things are illegal ,to those that critisise this,which is worse talking on a mobile whilst driving and risking the lives of others and yer own or feeding a family as however hard you try you cant keep a job down due to terible bouts of depression?easy to judge with food in yer fridge !

hunting dinner by any means and this land is our land is always better better than putting random strangers at risk by arrogance of ones abilities in a vehicle but they are different
shall we develop a how to get dinner thread and keep the two seperate .
there are ways i would not use unless i needed to feed folk baited hooks for birds as an example ,( it works )
cyanide fishing
(beam trawling , Mad )

bernard's turkey plant
i am well comfy with netting a gate (or similar gap) and having a walk over the ground until dinner lands in the net .
and having the wildlife snitch for me Wink
" Shocked that is my fish from my water "
"did you catch this fish ?"
" no"
" so how come you think its yours ?"
fish (the other one)

i personaly would view baited hooks for birds and syanide fishing as survival tactics! along with dead-fall traps,punji pits,and bird limeing! and beemer trawling! Very Happy

dinner is what i choose to eat Wink

beam trawling ruins the sea bed as a habitat ,
baited hooks kill prey

hedgewitch wrote:
Thanks for posting. I like it Cool

I like it too Very Happy
fish (the other one)

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