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An evening with your very own author!

I've finalised all the arangements for my promotional evening.
Here's the poster (influenced by you) and a link to more details. If anyone happens to be in the area at the time it should be an enjoyable evening!

Best of luck with it.
Nell Merionwen

Excellent, good luck x
Barefoot Andrew

What they said Very Happy

Just had a nice opportunity to plug my book. An article in the Guardian talks about a new genre 'Cli-Fi'.
The writer asked people to list books they knew with a climate change theme - well, I couldn't resist that one Wink

That went really well!

The evening came and we got a really good attendance - the Otley Courthouse floor was almost full.

All the readers and players turned up and did their bit.
The Otley Poets read out 6 poems (all themed on the Wharfedale Valley).
Fiona Williams read out her new poem about Verbeia (the Wharfe river goddess).
A friend read the Prologue from the book (which was really well recieved).
Rob Thompson played his lovely guitar music (3 pieces written from the book especially for the evening). He is going to record them and I hope to put parts of it on the website.
Beccy Owen arrived late but just in time having sprained her ankle and being stranded in Newcastle where she had been playing a previous gig the night before. She played/sang 6 songs and was awesome!
Apparently my talks were well received (comment of: 'I could have listend all night to him talking about the Celts').

80 people went home with a warm glow and my book under their arm!

Wow! It all worked and ran smoothly - I was exhausted yesterday but releived and pleased that it all went well.

Only regret is I took my camera but was too busy to take a single picture.

People were also asking if I would do it again for the next book. Better get scribbling...

Well done. I bet you feel great now, with the glow of success. Very Happy
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