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fish (the other one)

an evenings 'guesting' at a local pond.

not a lot caught but it was a realy nice even ing the song thrushes singing their little hearts out and pipistrell bats a plenty.there was an evening hatch of bugs on the water,the roach were going mad for them,every now and again they were scattered by perch and the odd jack.the sunset was a wonder too,the pic doesnt do it justice,the heron was screaching on the wing answered by the coots shreik as it ran across the water.
evenings like this were created by God for anglers. Smile Very Happy

Looks like heaven, what a way to spend an evening Very Happy

When is the close season for coarse fish ?

It's been abolished hasn't it?

Close season is still 15 March to 15 June for coarse fish I think but it doesn't apply to (most) stillwaters
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