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and urban forage

about a week ago a length of new plastic gutter appeared on a verge i walk the dogs past,as it had not not been retrived in a week i did my civic duty and tidied it away.

im now undecided as to caut it into convenient lengths and

a: fill it with soil for mini salads
b: add a small solar pond pump and a res and use it for outdoor hydroponic tomatoes.i have a sunny bit of wall that would be a pain and probably messily damp to water enough soil in containers

has anyone tried hydroponic outdoor toms?

this sort of thing

The image is tiny - can't see any details.

Other than that, used a length of gutter with soil in for flowers years back and we found it dried out very readily and wasn't that successful. (Aubretia and the white trailing thing that also flowers in spring can't remember its name - so about the same sort of size as mini-salad stuff.)

i had considered it might dry out

hydrop's it is then
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