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Animal care

Hello there from Shropshire,
Just joined. Looking forward to meeting folk, virtually speaking. Very Happy
I recently set up a smallholding sitting and house sitting service covering Shropshire, neighbouring counties and the Eastern parts of Wales (along the English border). Happy to look after any domestic farm livestock or pets (except the dangerous species like ostrich or wild boar - 'cos this would give my insurers the jitters!). I also look after children (Ofsted registered) if anyone wants help with the animals and the children whilst they go away for a short spell, or are ill. I am a keen gardener too! Bye for now. Yvette

Hi Yvette
I'm new too and enjoying reading through lots of the articles and the forum.

Hope you enjoy it to.

hello .

fierce piggies can be tamed ,sometimes ,but careful and a long way away is best

Hello and welcome from Asturias - my Sister in Law has wild boar from time to time for meat - vicious.... Shocked

some "domestic " piggies can be very wild ,berkalitza blitz at feed time was dangeroos delux and they had a nasty sense of humour ,only miss bacon got tame enough to get ham sized

regardless of insurance issues any animal can be dangeroos .beware ferrets ,vampire weasels from the dark side imho

Hello, Glad to see you joined. Be nice people, I reccommened Yvette here Smile

Ty Gwyn on here keeps wild boar (99%), and they are pretty calm animals, or at least his ones are. All he has to do is whistle and they come in. Landrace I find are the ones I have to watch my back with even more than boars (as in any male pig, rather than WB).
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
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