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animal friendly weedkiller?

Is there such a thing? Since my yard was scraped of all its grass etc, down to a stony surface, its covered with tiny plantain seedlings, more grass, dandelions etc. I'd like to spray it with something but the hens come out to free range it every afternoon, they have a small permanent run and no other freedom.
Any suggestions?

mechanical might be appropriate

a flame gun ( blowlamp on a stick ) can be very effective

if it is the chooks exercise yard it would be nice for them to forage among plants but as it is their only exercise yard being able to keep it clean would be good.

my vote is a combo of mechanical ( sickles, pole hooks etc are good for big stuff ) and blowlamp on a stick ( the old style paraffin blowlamp / upside down shovel type are ace if a bit fossil and smelly, gas ones need to be big to do a decent area )
Mistress Rose

I wouldn't risk chemicals Lowri. Agree with Dpack that a flame gun would be the best. If this is a long term thing it might be worth while buying a proper one as I think they are available.

Yes, I was thinking about a flame gun, I have got one that works off a calor gas cylinder but it hasn't been used for years. Thereby another question which probably shouldn't be on this forum: am I right in thinking that the rubber tubing used with a calor gas appliance has to be replaced after so many years for safety reasons?
The yard is actually the driveway in front of my house (difficult without a photo) where I turn round, ditto the small oil tanker/builders lorry/delivery vans!
Perish the thought that the grass/weeds get big enough to scythe - again!! Laughing Laughing

Yes to replacing the tubing. I think it's supposed to be every five years.

I'm not sure I understand this one, and don't know if it's culture/language or just difference of personal opinion. dontknow

I thought that a chicken run frequently became denuded to the point of wishing some plantain would grow.

Yes to replacing the tubing. I think it's supposed to be every five years.

and any "O" rings in the connections.

a big un on a cylinder sounds ideal, weeds and vermin in one easy go.
Mistress Rose

Slim, I don't think the chickens are there very long each day, probably not long enough to scrape the surface bare.
Jam Lady

Yes, flame your weeds.

It IS organic.

Salt or vinegar should work; permanent solution is to dig the roots out after the chickens have eaten the leaves etc.


But won’t hurt grass

Can someone help me understand why you wanted the chicken run to be plant free? I'm still confused on the motivation part.
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