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Animal sitting

When you're house and animal sitting and realise that their cockerel might not survive to see Mummy & Daddy home.

I appreciate that it's job is to guard the ladies, but I'm feeding them FFS

they can be a bit frisky.

Frisky? Damned thing ripped my jeans in it's efforts to rip me to shreds.

Last one I had that got like this was our Easter lunch. I've warned it.

How long have you to survive in torn jeans; it is warm where you are Andrea?

I reckon I can survive the torn jeans as it's not too chilly in central Portugal in summertime! Although on the cool side today at only around 22 Smile

I might not survive the boredom though. Counting the hours now.

You're doing a grand job there, Andrea. Animal sitters are a rare breed and should be cherished.

I used to farm sit for 60 sows and progeny, and 40 cows plus the dogs and pets when friends went away, but only for 3 weeks so not too bad with a part time man to help too. This was my holiday and a welcome change from looking after a tool yard for a heavy engineering company.

I understand the feeling from guarding cockerels! Off farm sitting this weekend, one of the first times I sat there they had a bantam cockerel that had it in for my welly boots. This is the same farm that has traditional Herefords with horns, I was more wary of the bantam cockerel than I was of the cattle! They've just got chickens now, no bantams.

I once got a nasty infection from the spurs of a particularly feisty cockerel. I had to go to have the wound dressed every couple of days and endure a course of antibiotics! Take care!

I once got a nasty infection from the spurs of a particularly feisty cockerel.

No big surprise as I'm sure they carry all sorts on those feet. The worst ever infection I had was from a rabbit scratch. Totally destroyed my rough tough image Wink
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