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another FB etiquette

As Im new to this Im obviously learning, but a bit unsure as to how to deal with/avoid this happening again -
a woman reads a post I put on re hatching eggs (on FB). She messages me to say can I have......and the arrangement is that she colelcts Friday. Now on Friday I get a message saying a terminally ill friend is now staying with her and she cant make it, but wants to come the next day, so I message back sying okay. but as we are really quite busy can she narrow it doen to a time.
No reply, no show.
When I go to the message thread I cannot seem to message her now - her name is no longer blue with an underline, so Im assuming she has blocked me.

Im a little annoyed, but hey, its just eggs, but is my supposition correct, and how do I prevent this occuring again?

Stay off Facebook.

People, mostly, are a bit useless. Either avoid people, or develop thick skin.

It is rude but not unusual. You'd be surprised how stupid people on FB can be, although there are some gems. You might be best off drawing up some "ground rules" and having them at the top of the page; for example reservations need a deposit or you cannot guarantee to hang on to them; or state a selection of collection times available and stick to them.
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