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Another timber windows thread

My flat has timber double-glazed windows. The seals on the units in the bedroom have gone, leaving condensation to form between the two panes of glass. Is it possible to replace the glazing or do I have to have an entire new window installed?

The windows also are not lockable. Is it possible to add handles with a locking mechanism or should I just replace the whole window and sort out both issues at once?

(PVC is not an option by the way Wink )

New glazing units aren't a problem - most window shops and glaziers will make them up for you. Take the old ones in so they get the size exactly right.
And locking handles should be available from most hardware stores (or window shops). A word of warning on window shops, however - they will try the hard sell on you, so resist!

I would expect you to be able to replace the glass. How is the existing glass unit bedded in, putty or mastic and beading or something else?

I would think you can get lockable handles for wooden windows or you could just add a window lock separately.

Thanks chaps. I've spoken to a couple of local glaziers and it seems that it is definitely do-able Smile
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