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I've just been reading Sepp Holzer's Rebel Farmer where he discusses how he breeds forest ants. He says that he can sell these to beekeepers.

Why would beekeepers want ants or their products?

I have no idea. Confused

Do they attack wasp nests? It's the only thing I can think of.

A quick google reveals that apparently ants will take away varoa mites from the tray at the bottom of a hive. A mesh bottom would seem simpler - or if you are trying to count the varoa, then you wouldn't want ants running off with them

We have ants in and around one particular hive. they dont bother the bees and the bees dont bother them. They probably take a bit of honey but its nothing massive.
Im talking about 10 or so in the hive at a time. We have mesh floors and treat twice a year for varroa.

New to me.
I know in certain parts of America they put the legs of their hives in cans of oil to stop ants entering, also helps against small hive beetle.
I suppose in certain areas some species aren't as friendly or useful.
Australian Bull Ants.

Thanks all. Sepp Holzerīs books are great, but do often leave me scratching my head as they lack detail.
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