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wellington womble


Can you deal with them organically? I have millions of them under my greenhouse paving, and they are coming up and nesting in the pots. Im pretty sure it's holding my plants back.

boiling water?


Don't ants like dry conditions ? Are your pots underwatered ?

My xmas tree in pot is allways underwatered and the ants moving in usually spurs me into giving it a good watering. The ant tunnels do make good irrigation channels tho.

I use Borax in the form of welding/brazing flux mixed with sugar and water. Not harmful to pets.
wellington womble

Not sure it would do the plants much good!

I'll try and flood them out. I didn't mind them under the paving slabs, but they can't live in the pots. They only live in the really big boxes that have my loofah, cucamelon and a potato in, because they have no trays underneath (too big to fit one), so they are harder to thoroughly soak. I think I have managed to rescue the spuds with a dribbly hose, so I'll persevere. They are infesting the raised beds too - I've never gardened anywhere with so many ants!

Not harmful to plants. Recommended in this form by Geoffrey Smith (BBC's Gardeners World) in his book and by numerous others.
Less of a mess than flooding which may also be harmful to plants!
Earlier in the thread Borax was suggested by 'Slim'; as an American resident, he will be more used to Borax the product as the majority off the worlds Borax supply industry is to be found there.
In the UK users are normally old fashioned laundries, blacksmiths, potters (for glazing use) and in a very small but interesting way, special effect firms (a small quantity thrown on a fire produces green flames, ideal for a witch or wizard).
Borax has an E number...285 as it is sometimes used as a food additive and a quote from Wikipedia....'It is also an active ingredient in indoor and outdoor ant baits and killers and used for killing cockroaches'.
Geoffrey Smith suggested welding/brazing flux as this was more readily available in the UK at that time. Pure Borax is a better option if available; it may be in the laundry section of the shop.
Mix with an equal measure of sugar and an amount of water to mix to a paste. The ants will take into the nest and it should destroy the whole colony.
Works here on many varieties of ants.
Mistress Rose

Real borax isn't very often available in shops in the UK. You may need to buy it on line. I was looking into it for washing powder making, and most available is borax substitute now.

Hi MR.
One of the reasons I suggested flux was the availability. Still able to obtain Borax Welding/Brazing Flux as it is still in everyday use.
Only a small amount required for ants so a tin like this should last for years. I use a tin every six months or so....we have a lot of ants.

Mistress Rose

Probably good for ants as well as brazing, but wouldn't like to try it for laundry. Very Happy
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