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Any bird identifiers on line, to id my bird

I have couple of these flying around, but I cannot accurately say what species they are. This is the only one I managed to get a good still image from of a video camera, as they fly so fast.

They fly in and out of our tall trees and even straight through the canopy's.
Any ideas plz

Could it be a hen harrier?

if it is it is a girl or a looks about the right shape and colour scheme ,hard to judge the size from the photo but i cant think what else it might be.

is the other one the same colour? or is it more grey and black?

if one like the snap and one grey black it is likely a pair,2 like the snap are probably young ones.

ps i dont think they take hens but they might have a chick should there be any available iirc they mostly eat ,mice voles etc etc .

about the size of a medium pigeon, if that helps. I will try and get a video up shortly.

I have the full video. the birds are just over way throu the video, blink and you will miss them.



Sparrowhawk is much more likely than Hen Harrier, which is a very rare bird in England.


s' hawks are closer to large pigeon size than h,harriers which are large crow size
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