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Northern Boy

Any crabs yet?

Anyone found any Brown or Velvet Swimmer crabs yet? Thinking of a trip to the rocks next weekend.

i was going to say something about lindane being rather persistant but decided that would be in bad taste Laughing

im off to northumberland on wednesday so i will report on the wildlife(or tasty snacks as i think of it )

as it is heading towards a fairly big tidal range i might get to risk drowning a fair way out on the point .

the inland side of the dip has a fair selection of snacks but the extreme bit has lobsters ,huge mussels etc etc .

brown crabs seen

soft shells seen

spider babies seen

shore crab babies seen

huge overwintered mussels eaten

i recon far shore forage is not bad this year as the storms have been less than last year and it has been a fairly mild winter
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