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Any downsizers in Slovakia ?

My wife and I moved out here a few years ago before it was EU and on the whole it's a good place to live . We have an old house with an acre of garden 25 km from Bratislava . We visited England last year to collect an English Bull Terrier puppy but apart from that have not been back for five years , I can't say I miss it that much . I think if you're with the person you want to be with it doesn't matter much where you hang your hat . My wife incidently is Slovak so that helps greatly with language although it's rumoured that I have an unusual command of the language once my throat has been lubricated by three or four beers Wink . We were lucky aswell in that the company I worked for in England were happy to fund an experiment in setting up in Eastern Europe to test the market , whilst we'll never break any records we do well enough to still be here six years later and content with our lot . Smile

Hi Colin

Sounds like you are happy and content out in Slovakia - a place I would love to visit sometime. We are here in N Spain and like you do not really miss the UK. Good luck with your venture.
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