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Any ideas what these fungi are?

These are growing along / out of railway sleepers in our raised beds. I would hazard a guess that the railway sleepers are not 'real' with all the tar etc.

Can anyone id them, as I do not to take a chance.

no but they look very similar to some i saw on friday growing out of woodchips i was a bit curious but ages ago decided white gills are too risky to even bother with an id and file them all under wont eat. Laughing

as a slight aside i have noticed quite a few shrooms that seem to be a month or so early at the mo.

I'd second the woodchip source, mixed with horse manure...I've been having a lot like those in our raised beds, also early.

I reckon they are 'fairy rings' or Marasmius oreades unless any other ideas.


they dont look quite like these ones

or these

they do however look very like the ones near here Rolling Eyes

i wouldn’t warm up the frying pan just in case im right

I am reliably informed that they are definitely not fairy ring champignons!

very possibly Agrocybe cylinraecea...esp. if they smell of old sherry casks
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