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Any quickbook users here?

Need to know how to create a VAT only invoice, my registration has come through but I have sent a few out since the date of registration so need to raise a couple of vat only invoices for clients to pay.


Credit and re-invoice as a normal invoice which includes VAT. Send this coupled with a statement indicating the VAT portion, which is outstanding.

Embarassed how do you do that? credit part I mean, mucho confused with QB at the mo

QuickBooks and VAT still bring me out in a cold sweat after it incorrectly calculated VAT for 3 years.
Rob R

Press F1 in Quickbooks & use the search for a step by step guide to any problem - might help if you write/print them out for some of the problems
Barefoot Andrew

I'm a QB user and VAT registered. If you've not worked it all out, I'll lend a hand during the course of the weekend.

I use Microsoft accounting (don't bother trying it - it's shite) but I used to use QB - I stopped when they decided that their new version (this is going back a few years now) was not going to support multi-currency functions. Anyway... QB should have a function and it will probably be under a customer title saying create a credit note. Do the credit note and then re-invoice reflecting the VAT.

Make certain that you have done the customer payment on the system and then draw a statement. This should then reflect the unpaid VAT balance.
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