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any seasonal shopping ?

Do many of us here on Downsizer really notice what's seasonal in the shops / on the market during the summer months of plenty ?
Especially if we grow or forage our own.....

Now the soft fruit has started, and I've begun digging up the spuds, and the mangetouts and peas are ready, I'm not buying fruit or much veg [just onions, carrots]. I'm also frantically trying to eat down the remains of last year's frozen fruit and veg to make room for this year's.
Nicky Colour it green

also trying to eat up last years froze blackberries now i am picking this years.

I notice because we don't have room to grow enough stuff. Fortunately there's a small market gardening operation near us who supply the local greengrocer so I can usually get veg that haven't traveled very far.

Get quite a lot of roadside selling round here. First come the strawberries, the cherries are on the go at the moment and I'm anticipating plums shortly.

I still miss that aspect of where you are Bebo.... no where around here has anything like it Sad There is lots of 'seasonal fruit' in the market, but its all come from the continent...

I've currently got 20 boxes of 'Kent grown' cherries that may last long enough to be turned into something... they were sitting in morrisons this evening with 10p a box marked on them so they all came home with me...... (at least there is a smattering of UK grown seasonal stuff in Morrisons, so I should be, um, grateful for that I supose Rolling Eyes )

do gift boxes of pakistani mangoes count?

Lots of broadbeans, peas, courgettes, romanesque, tomatoes, even gooseberries still available.

yummersetter wrote:
do gift boxes of pakistani mangoes count?

ooooh, is it still the honey mango season ? Lucky you !

Plums (from Kent) have just started appearing in the shops here. There's always Sussex produce available in Waitrose, but it's pre-packed and I sometimes wonder WHERE it is packed - if it's grown 10 miles away and packed in Milton Keynes it rather negates the "locally grown" concept.
It's a good time of year for getting produce from the WI Market (Country Market, I should say) - if only I could remember to go on a Thursday!
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