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Anyone else been called about icynene?

Had a marketing call.

Some eager soul telling me that standard glass wool based loft insulation (that we had installed on a free deal a while back) has now been withdrawn by the government. That it causes mould and condensation in the loft where it lies on top of the ceiling.
That they will come and do a free survey to see if we have a problem, then leave behind marketing data on icynene - which is all natural and from Canada. It is sprayed on the inside of the roof surface and "because it is natural" it allows the roof to breathe. This in a roof with soffit vents that is designed to be cold and draughty to keep the timbers ventilated.

Also that the soffit vents "suck the heat out of the house"

Not in the least bit convinced.....

Male cow manure.

Does it come with a free unicorn?

Good. I thought that, then wondered if I was wrong.....Very Happy
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