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Anyone for a spot of improvisation ?

Half way through my feeding rounds this morning, not wearing a hat, when a fierce hail storm came down.
They say that your ears are the only part of the body that continue to grow throughout your life and in my case, believe you me,  my lugs were big enough to start with ! They were getting a right pinging I can tell you.   Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

It wasn't half hurting and then I realised that I had an empty bucket in my hand, so as quick as a flash I stuck a bright orange plastic bucket on my  bonce and completed my rounds with new snazzy head gear.

I'm not really bothered but I cant help but wonder if any of my neighbours saw me dressed in such strange attire, they've certainly seen stranger things going on here.  :laugh:  If any of them  did see me, then maybe they put it down to some strange form of Winter solstice celebration. Its a laugh a minute here sliding around in the mud. Not.   Rolling Eyes


You should probably have added a feed sack waterproof jacket for the full effect. Wink

Ned Kelly style ? Very Happy
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