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Anyone in N. Wiltshire want to join a Fungus Foray Friday

Very Happy Good Idea Tahir - It will be North Wiltshire - West Woods or Savernake Forest - exact place and time to be announced. I am an amateur, but I have been mushrooming across several continents for approx 35 years. Anyone interested, please send me a private message by Thursday and I will reply.

Smile Cheers - doctoral

Hey, good man, very generous offer, now why is Wiltshire so far from here?

It's one of those things - it just is. Why is Rayleigh so far from Wiltshire? Someone had to have something against us all right from the start - I hear you have some good Bay Boletes out your way - no such luck here, the ground is a bit too chalky.

Having never foraged before I was dead keen to start this autumn, just haven't had the time though, we found some indeterminate boletes but according to Nettie they were of dubious edibility. Maybe once we've got the bulk of the planting done (2007)...

tahir wrote:
Hey, good man, very generous offer, now why is Wiltshire so far from here?

It's not; it's just that London has isolated itself form the rest of the UK so well that it feels like it.

Should be good hunting conditions; there's supposed to be quite a bit of rain there early this week.

Some guy on BBC Radio Leicester was asking why it seems to be downhill all the way to London - I guess he hadn't realised that the sky is lower the further North you get! The weather is great for a foray at the moment Wink

I'm interested !
(Depending on the weather, if its fine will be taking my kids to Thorpe park Cool )
Do you have a meeting time/place ?
We had a downsizer "meet" there last year.

N.Wiltshire Fungus Foray

Very Happy O.K. here are the details. We meet up at the West Woods car park at 09:00 on Friday. It is just off the A4 westbound, just after Marlborough.


I will be driving a dark green Mondeo.

If anyone else is interested (there are 3 of us already) they are welcome to come along.

See you there.

if i could drive i would come and yes mate the bays are good i have had over 50 so far this week alone from one park area every day they are back more and more of them. nice to know u noticed my post but if anyone is up for a meeting in the rayleigh area of essex would could set up a place and time for that (we will need someone who is a bit better than me i only got into this about 4 mounths ago full time) i have plenty of books but thats about it
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