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Apologies in advance

At some point today or early tomorrow I am going to put in a mod to how we track whether you have read topics or not.

I debugged this yesterday never having want to delve into that area before.

In essence the information is stored as a cookie, cookies have a 4Kb limit and that limit could be broken.

An easy enough fix, but then it struck me that if you are on dialup that 4kb cookie has to be sent to the server, on dialup that means you are delayed about a second before you even start to get a reply Sad

So I have done some coding to store the cookie more efficiently, it now takes 25% of the space. This seems to me to be very worthwhile especially for anyone on a slow connection.

If I have the code right, then old cookies will be transformed into new ones and no one sill notice anything except things going a little faster.

If it is wrong then read/unread will be messed up a bit until it is got right.

In and I think working.

I am sure the effect will be noticeable for anyone with dialup, well at least I hope it will be.
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