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Apple lumber and logs Herts/Beds

First 2-3 weeks in July I am felling apple trees.
They haven't been pruned regular so there will be long timber that may be of use to someone. Footish diameter X 6-12foot X dozens lengths. And more at 8inchish dia, and some more at foot+ dia.
I dunno what's of use to people. I can send pics if interested.
If you want BIG bits I will have forklift and digger for a limited time.

Otherwise it's all gonna be logged .... 20-25ton ?

Forklifted lumps, collection from Hertfordshire.
Smaller stuff or logs, collection Herts or Beds.
Either place is close to A1.

Cost - dunno - depends what you want - got to make allowance for my time and effort, but will be fair and reasonable.

Apple is gorgeous wood, sadly I haven't got any space to store it for drying at the moment so have to pass. Crying or Very sad

This is made from apple as an example.

Click to see full size image


Can you remind us nearer the time?

We're planning on hiring a van for the last week of July, and they may be useful for a rustic raised bed project I have planned.

let me know what lengths you looking for (makes no odds to me if I cut to exact length) and what height of bed or log diameter.
There's a good mix of sizes so should have what you need.

Preferably like to know beginning of July as I want to clear all firewood logs whilst dumper on site. The plan is to take one truckload of logs home per day for 2 weeks. Hmmm..... think I need a bigger log store.

Well, we're planting in the woodland clearing behind the allotment shed, and I want it to look fairly natural. So nothing too straight.

There's bent stuff too.
I'll sort out some pics.
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