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Apple pressing

Season is almost upon us, we really don't have time to juice all our apples, nor do we have the necessary HSE thingy to pasteurise for sale. We used a local(ish) firm last year but they charged almost 2.00 p/bottle (including bottle) with us delivering apples and them delivering back juice.

This is far too expensive for us to sell, does anyone know of anyone in the SE/London that can deal with small batch pressing?

Out of interest what would you consider a fair price? May offer the service around my area, need to get use out of my new kit & get some income!


What new kit have you got ? Very Happy

this n that Very Happy
Problem I have at the mo is having somewhere to put it, need to find somewhere to rent or find a builder rather pronto Evil or Very Mad

this n that Very Happy .............

See you around x Smile

Steve, local farmshop sells own pressed apple juice at 2.75 (they send it to somewhere in Kent for pressing/bottling).

If we cost our apples at 1.50 p/kg then I'm guessing you're looking at 1.65 worth of apples per litre of juice = 1.24 of apples per 750ml bottle. Does that sound about right?

No idea on bottle/pressing costs

This is why I dont do apple juice to sell - for the effort and the red tape involved you hardly make enough to cover costs (unless you are huge).
There are some juicers in Devon, but they are charging around 2.20- 2.40 per bottle to juice.
Pasteurisation is slow unless they are in line pasteurising and that is expensive.
Ill do some juice for our apple donors and it will be pasteurised (bath pasteurised) but it dont pay me.

I am just writing off setup costs, lpg in line pastueriser arriving next month. Need to work out labour costs etc per press & bottle run but if 100+litres it would be worth a few hours of my time. Biggest issue for me would be apple waste disposal

Biggest issue for me would be apple waste disposal

Compost for mulch?

Pig food? Old-Chads-Orchard

Doing both with my own apple waste, someone elses would be a headache dpack

the problem with more pigs is feeding them the rest of the year.would buying ready for slaughter in late summer and finishing them to a bit bigger for "apple pork"for christmas (or hams etc) be an option? Old-Chads-Orchard

Pigs aren't mine, son of a local farmer has them & I swap apple waste for bacon, they can only eat so much though. Going off track here though. Need to work out sums to see how much it costs me to press & bottle say 100l of juice, depending on bottles I think 2 is a rip off. Pilsbury

Thing is do you want to do it so your kit is getting used and you make a few pennies or as an additional part of the business paying above minimum wage? tahir

I think 2 is a rip off.

So do I Smile

Trying to compost apple pulp is hard - its very acidic unless you really mix it well with other stuff. We offer it free (on the day) to farmers as a supplement. We have people who use it for pigs and for finishing sheep & cattle. dpack

adding slaked lime and soil will sort the composting issues
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