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Archery arm guards

Does anyone in the forum make arm guards in leather ?

Gareth is doing some soon, let me know what sort of length/design/etc you want and I can add them to his list Smile

25cms and something 'Traditional" or "Celtic".

Sorry I can't be more specific Sally, but he says he needs to see some designs.

For designs, you could check out Quicks Archery catologue. Not sure if it's online or not.
If anyone is interested, while we are on the topic, I have some archery equipment for sale.
Hoyt Pro Medalist bow (Length 69", Draw weight is 42lb at 28"). Arten sight and stabilisers with TFC's.
A set of Easten X75 arrows
Tackle box with Bracer, quiver and other accessories.

PM me for more info.

It hasn't been used for a couple of years due to advancing years and work related back pain.

quicks is online

with a light bow good technique is all that is needed but with beasty bows arrows can shatter and good protection is vital just in case and a good bracer helps keep the bow arm solid

im in training for strenth before i try shooting my new 70lb compound Shocked

This is my mate Ray, all of his stuff is handmade by himself! Great quality too. Very Happy

Thanks baldybloke the link for the catalogue is here :

Amazing stuff - we just don't get this sort of choice in France.

Woodsprite has a friend who makes leather arm guards, so I'll probably order one for Fabrice from him ASAP. He made his own but the leather obviously isn't thick enough !

We're setting up an association and a range here for archers so there may be other customers looking for accessories too.

Ah Woodsprite, I was just about to 'phone you ! Laughing

N the car on our way out HWH. I can speak later. Contact Ray and tell him what you want and I'll sort the rest with him, mention moi of course!

That's not the way to do it, Hardworking Hippy. Looks very painful. As an ex Instructor might I suggest the following: Hold your bow arm out, so the flat of the inside of the elbow is vertical, then twist the wrist to hold the bow vertical. Depending on the bow style used, you are looking for a staight line through your shoulders from the bow grip to you other elbow. If after a couple of dozen arrows you ache between your shoulder blades, you've got it right.

Ah, that's not my arm - it's my OH's - poor thing !

He was using his new bow a Hoyt Trykon XLXT when he did that. I prefer the look of the Hoyt you've got for sale but he wants the bow for hunting boar. I can't even pull the string thing on his open, what a weakling. Wink

Thanks for the tip though, maybe I'll practice in secret with his old bow and give him a surprise when I become a great shot ! Laughing
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