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Are these of use to anyone?

I'm having some work done on my house and I have these items available to go to a new home:

Several radiators in various sizes and all in working order but needing a good clean. Some are single panel, some double and some double convector.

1 x 300x1000 DP/DC
1 x 300x1500 DP/SC
1 x 450x1000 DP/DC
1 x 500x600 SP/SC
1 x 600x600 SP/SC
1 x 600x1000 DP/DC

They don't have valves but do have brackets and for a few bags of goat or chicken food they're yours.

I also have a wash-hand basin and pedestal - standard, 'modern' design with taps. There''s also a toilet cistern and pan to go with the basin but the cistern has some bits of cement on the top - so the whole lot can go for a bag of goat food.

There is also a white shower tray 760x760 with a white pivot door enclosure 760x1800 again, the price is a couple of bags of goat food.

I also have seven bags of Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive which are just about to expire this week and I'd like a couple of bags of goat food them too.

I'm between Lampeter and Tregaron in Ceredigion.


Sounds like you're having fun there....How's it going? x

I have heard that radiators can reasonably easily be converted into solar thermal panels...
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