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are vegetable box deliveries any good?


Are vegetable box delivieries any good?

We had on in Derry ireland some time ago and in season it wasn't too bad. In the winter it had to rely on imported veg that we found unsuitable for our tastes . We also didn't like the fact that the food had to travel from afar to get to us, it seemed to defeat the objective of the project.

Are you a part of a successful veg box delivery group? Are you happy with the vegetables that you get all year round?

Also does anyone ever get their veg from the online shops? Are they any good or are they all wisned up by the time you get them?

We have a new sytem here in Inishowen just setting up and it would be great if they could have some idea what they are letting themselves in for!



met up with John and Mary (OH will know the family name) when we were over in August. From Carn go to Malin and at the main bridge take the turn off to Culdaff and I think it 2nd left. (you probably know them anyway.)
Great people who spent an age showing me around and let the kids pull carrots.
He does a box scheme as well and from what I saw is really into making sure his customers get a good variety of veg.

western organic network

Hi Kevin

Yes I know Mary and John. They are the hardworking duo who play a big part in the Western Organic Network up here in Inishowen.

I'll ask them how they are coping out of season

wellington womble

My box schemes have both been excellent, for different reasons - the first one was organic, and had been going about 15 years. You could buy absolutely anything from them (except tonic water - gin was no problem!) They did me a standing order, and I could add things as long as I remembered by the previous Friday, for delivery wednesday. They retired a couple of months ago. My only criticism was they did put quite a lot of imported stuff in the box out of season.

The new one is a more local oritentated scheme - I can choose from a local box (within about 30 miles, I think) or a British box, or an organic box, in a range of sizes. I have a local box in summer and autumn, and a british box for a bit more variety this time of year. Not such a range of produce, but much more local - again they do a standing order, and I can add to it as and when. Also, other local products, such as milk etc. Both brilliant - prefer the one I have now, as it's more local and not restricted to organic (although some of it is)

There were quite a few organic farmers from Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo in the year below on the postgrad Organic Farming course I was doing at the Scottish Agricultural College. Not all veg.

Unfortunately I can't remember all their names, and most of them seemed to be called John or Sean.

John Brennan, into the marketing side of organics (Leitrim, IIRC)
And a chap in Donegal with veg and sheep, who does a farmers market stall.

With a lot of veg box schemes up here, many customers order online. Think this streamlines the delivery process for producers/packers, so freshness should not be more of an issue than normal.

I've just spent the day at a Soil Association workshop on organic veg box schemes, with speakers from Riverford, and Damhead (near Edinburgh). Sounds as though the market is reaching saturation, so box schemes need to try harder to retain customers.

Have no idea whether box schemes are OK from a consumers point of view, as I usually grow my own.. And there's no box scheme in this region.
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