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article on ag ties

have just come across this interesting article....

Can people with a sharper brain than me summarise this, and what it means?
Penny Outskirts

I think - but I'm not any means, that this is the important bit:

"In contrast, the villages that make up Englandís countryside face problems directly related to the fact that housing and economic development have often been highly constrained. With housing supply constrained, but more and more people wanting to move to the countryside, rural house prices have risen even more sharply than in larger towns and cities. On the other hand, although rural economies perform well in many respects, local employment in the countryside is generally significantly lower waged than in urban areas. The result is that many of the people who work in the countryside increasingly cannot afford to live there, while the people who can afford to live there increasingly do not work there. These pressures have serious implications for the sustainability of rural communities."

No sh*t Sherlock Rolling Eyes

Actually, Ive been speaking to people this week who are willing to do a series of talks on rural housing and planning........

Watch this space.

If anyone would like a particular subject covered (bearing in mind the scope of a 'normal' 2 or 3 hr event) let me know....

Hopefully coming to a venue in the West country sometime very soon.

I thought
change of use for farm buildings,
getting rid of an ag tie (in more detail)
farm diversification relating to buildings,
......................for a start
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