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Article request - hand bread makers

Would anyone who regularly does it and preferably has access to a digital camera to illustrate it, be able to do us a simple article on the practicalities of making bread by hand? It needn't be long or have loads of recipes (unless you want to, or have a couple of favourites) but include bits about fitting it in to normal life (eg knead at night, bake next day? getting it to rise in a cool house...not making a mess...kneading properly).

Delighted to contribute.
Photos may be difficult...
But I'm far from a routine everyday baker. Sadly.

This is where I feel a sudden pang of guilt. I did actually say I was going to do this a few months ago and then promptly didn't! Embarassed

I handmake bread at least every other day and if you want I could take some more photos of each stage and write something this weekend.

Don't even wait for a reply from Miss. Just do it-please

Embarassed I didn't know that Trigfa! It would be spiffing if you could, but there's not a desperate hurry, don't feel pressed. But it would be great to have one from a regular maker as well as comments and additions from the "dabblers"

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