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As of this afternoon.

Later today, I'll be launching my mini business, as in farm gate sales. No, I wont be selling gates Rolling Eyes but I will be selling my own farm pressed apple juice, plus hen and duck eggs.
A rough and ready sign in the form of laminated photographs will be going at the bottom of the drive to announce the availability to the world of my exclusive goods. I bet that one day Harrods will regret not taking me up on my offer Mad

Just as soon as I find the drawing pins, I'll put the sign together and let you have a look see. thumbup

Found em.

We've got a smashing spot for it at the bottom of our drive and a busyish road.. thumbup



What do you think? Embarassed

Earlier today, I also managed to source product liability insurance for all of the above for 55 per annum. When and if the cider comes on line, I've been quoted at 142.00

Looks good!! Pictures make it very attractive
Although if I was being picky it would look better with the previous lettering painted over or covered up..

Good luck - hope you get lots of sales ... Very Happy Very Happy

I did say rough and ready, the neon is on order. Laughing

Too cheap though, I see no point in actually undercutting the supermarkets with farm gate stuff.

So that it sells, times are hard you know. Its no use having stuff on the shelves and I haven't paid so much as a penny for the apples that I've pressed.

Is there any evidence to suggest that unless you take it to extremes, undercutting at the farm gate improves sales though?

The apple juice is a new venture but has been costed and if I sell my entire stock, then I'll be well happy and comfortably in pocket. As for taking things to extremes, market research has revealed that the prices for the eggs are the going rate for our area. There's at least half a dozen people within a few miles radius selling eggs from the gate and thats what they are currently charging.

What's the sign for?

I'd say it's too small for people to read as they drive past.

Its a nice slow road and we have lots of foot passage. In the summer we have droves of folk walking past too and from the beaches.

Aha, fine for walkers. Smile

The apple juice is (was as its all gone now) lovely. Plenty of the real taste of the apples.

You must have the pasteurising just right as there is no "cooked" apple taste.

Thanks for a positive reply Richard Laughing Laughing Laughing I'm glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for your help at the weekend. thumbup

Could you not collect the images together and fan them out as in a hand of cards, above in larger lettering combine the free range an just have duck and hen eggs beneath it and have the farm pressed apple sign above that?


Farm Pressed Apple Juice

Free Range


If you have lining paper or old wallpaper, reverse side out you could mount the signs on that and then pin to the board thus covering the original lettering which makes the sign look busy and detracts from its overall appearance Smile
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