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wellington womble


I suspect my garage roof is asbestos. It has some leaks, so I'd like to repair it. How do I tell if it is, and can it then be repaired, or must I have it removed at vast expense?

It quite probably is, but will be the less dangerous stuff.
You can get it tested by post - or get experienced opinion.
Yes it can be repaired but will depend on type and extent of damage.
Remove and disposal cost can be surprisingly cheap - in the low hundreds.

I have an asbestos corrugated garage roof, at least 50 years old, which developed a couple of leaky spots about 15 years ago

Husband investigated, one was an enlarged bolt hole, other was a long crack - he used a butyl rubber compound to fix and seal extra strong duct tape patches - both out- and inside

Up until now there has been no further leaks thankfully

Minimal disturbance of the roof, leaks stopped, dry garage still

Loads of firms offer asbestos surveys, some are helpful and cheap
wellington womble

Thank you. I shall see what can be done. I think a couple are just cracks, but one is an overlapping sheet that seems to have slipped into being an under lapping sheet, which funnels water in.

if it is more than a couple of decades old it is probably white asbestos based.

tis ok if you don't drill,saw or grind it . if it has broken edges it will shed a few fibres so removing it is low level space suit time.

re leaks as above stick on patches and sealing compound will work

if you must drill it to add solid patches, reattach it to the frame etc dust mask,slow speed and wetting the hole will be "relatively" safe but it isnt a good idea to mess with the stuff.

tis a bit nasty but not a blue funk panic material like the free fibre lagging in blue or brown.
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