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Asparagus is in.

Huzzah. First of the British asparagus in the greengrocer. Roasted and served with olive and rosemary toast and a fried egg for lunch.

I noticed the first of my asparagus is just peaking through the soil. I really must put slug pellets down soon or they'll be devoured by the little beasts before they grow any further.

The asparagus plants have been in the bed for up to 5 years now and I still haven't had anything like a crop off them - the slugs always beat me to it and I am left with thin secondary growth each time which I leave in the hope of getting stronger growth next year...

Mine is just coming up. I've been getting from up the road for a week now though - my friend keeps coming by with huge bunches and everyone but me groans with despair.

See, the idea of 'too much asparagus' is just nonsensical. Tell them to shape up.
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