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Authors wanted for the Downsizer summer campaign!!

Downsizer will be having a campaign week around the end of August to encourage people to shop locally and reduce their dependence on the big supermarkets. Whilst we are kicking this off in a limited way we hope to grow the event over the next few years into something special.

This year we are focussing on the groundwork, the campaign will be based around a series of informative articles.

A user group was set up and has identified some useful topics, and we are now looking for volunteers to write the articles or collaborate on their production.

If you are interested then sign up below!


Downsizer campaigns team.


The rise in supermarket power and it's consequences for local suppliers and producers. Done

An article on food miles hidden environmental costs in food, linked to seasonal produce in supermarkets. Plus a discussion on organic v local

A comparison of prices between local greengrocer and supermarket. - done - but further assistance for Mat S welcome

An article promoting farmers markets, how to find them etc. done

Links to good resources such as bigbarn.

"Alternative" cleaning products like Lemon juice and vinegar, - in depth article

How to shop locally whilst avoiding the supermarket. - convenience, choice factors etc.

local box schemes pros, cons, reviews done

intensive farming techniques. -done-

Group buying schemes? Not just things like Suma/Infinity but including small scale like buying a whole steer between a group of friends

Online shopping - Links to good resources such as bigbarn. done

Step by step guide to how to eek supermarkets out of your life.

recommended reading section - book swap/loan. Suggestions please

"grow your own" get an idea of roughly how much land yields how much produce so we can say if you dedicate 10m2 of your garden you could get two meals a week of your own produce in the summer ?

Some good topics there I'll see if I can do something but I'm tied up with the story biz at the moment. Come on peeps lets get involved Wink

I'll take one!

Do I need to decide now?

No, thanks for volunteering. I'll PM you some details
Mat S

I could do a walk round the market, a greengrocer and a "super"market or two and gather some prices. Might even rant a bit about how crap Morrisons & co are. Finding a good greengrocer would probably be the hardest bit but I've got some ideas.

It would be worth doing the same with a good butcher vs meat market (no, not local nightclub - the daytime meat market) vs supermarket.

Other products worth comparing

- free range eggs (local vs market vs supermarket)
- rice and spices (spice mill vs supermarket vs online?)
- electricals (are the supermarkets really the best place to buy 100 items?)

Any more?


I'm prepared to do shops at supermarkets and the same at local shops, to compare quality, price, convenience, if that's any use?
wellington womble

Can do a bit on box schemes - fruit, veg, wholefood and meat. Happy to compare prices. Can also review (or paraphrase large chuncks of) not on hte lable, which might make a good basis for a supermarkett bashing article! I promise to get my keyboard fixed first!

summer campaign

i might be able to do one on the farmers marke side if you like

I'll see if I can arrange an interview with someone from 'Daily Bread'.

I don't mind doing the group buying schemes one, I could interview Wizz and Macatsuma!

Online shopping could be a good choice for a group effort if someone could coordinate it.

Ill have a good at the online shopping if you would like to PM me some details.


I'd love to get involved in this Smile I can certainly provide aspects towards most of the list, and am happy to lead/compile if that would be useful.


Jolly good Helen, Jonnyboy's on his hols right now so it'll be a few days before he gets back to you.


Any more volunteers? Every member has at least one article in them, probably more if Bugs gets her claws into you!

Can't help with the articles I'm afraid, but a in the throes of setting up "Shop Local Month" for the Essex Chronicle and Brentwood Gazette, could we perhaps use some of the pieces as editorial in return for publicising the website?

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