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automatic watering system

I have a 1000ltr rainwater tank, an immersible pump and hosepipe. Using a timer switch, what would be the easiest way to make a cheap system? I don't know, for example if I made holes in a hosepipe would the last holes have less water than the holes nearest the pump, for example.

Thinking as I type, as long as you don't lose water too fast at the start of the pipe (so too many holes or too big holes) then there would be enough pressure to take it to the end?

I was thinking about making a little stream from the tank down to a little pond, and pumping the surplus water back up to the tank...

i did a hose with holes from a tap

with bigger(5mm)at the farthest end and getting smaller in one mm stages to the tap end it worked over about 20m

im not sure if it would be ok to use a ordinary pump on a low flow system unless it was built for hp/lv use but it might be ok if the area of holes was similar to the pipe diameter ,length etc it is made for

Use small holes & adjust the watering via the pump run timer.

Have say 3 'holed' hoses off the pump and and run one to 1/3 the distance to be watered, one to 2/3 the distance to be watered and the last to water the last 1/3, cutting holes in the distance of ground they need to water. That way the pressure should be fairly even over the whole length; and not giving a lot of pressure at the start of a single run doing the whole length in one go with very little pressure at the end of the same single run. You may even be able to do this by gravity if the tank is high up and the distibution part of the holed lines shortish, say 10ft each maximum. 3 is an arbtary figure of numbers of hoses, if you have a huge distance/ area to cover the cost of the hose piping my become prohibitive! They do say that spot watering is the most beneficial as you are conserving water quantity needed/used, by placing it in the right 'spot'. I used to water 1/4 acre by hand-when I was fit-young using large hose fed tubs in the middle of the garden.

Simplest way is just to have more barbeques.

I fitted out our greenhouse with fittings from our local 'hydroponics' dealer many who are online and they reduce 1/2" pipes to 1/4" pipes and you can have a free flow or small sprayheads. In the garden I have Wilkos 15m eco hoses which just leak along there entire length and are now reduced to 5 from 10.
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