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Avocado Sapling

I am trying to grow an Avocado tree (2 actually) and the sapling is about 40cms high on one slender 'trunk'. I'd like the trunk to start splitting into branches. Do I simply terminate the top of the slender trunk?

Are there active buds below where you want to split it?

Yes there do seem to be buds.

Then, yes, chop-chop-chicken!

(I'm assuming there's some active leaves to continue supporting the tree?)

Breaking off terminal buds is a gentler way to force a desired branching habit when possible, you just need to catch them at the right height.

my avocado experiences have not got as far as pruning for style

as a general thing:
leave the buds you want to become branches and remove the other ones.
a very sharp knife, great care and skill in the cutting is one way, just snap or tease them off which seems to work rather well.
removing a terminal bud will make most plants bushy, it is the next and subsequent rounds of debudding and/or debranching that will make it take a desirable shape with a healthily airy centre

Thank you both. Wink
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