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Backpack sprayer - recommendations?

We bought a cheapy backpack sprayer a couple of years ago and it's flippin useless! I'm now looking for a better quality one.

Matabi seem to have quite a good price / quality / easy to get spares ratio.
Cooper Pegler seem pricey for what they are.
I like the design of the Solo sprayers but am not sure how easy it would be to get spares...

Any personal recommendations please?

my hozelock 3 litre has lasted well and i think they make bigger backpack ones

spares are easy to get and quite cheap

Hozelock do make backpack sprayers but they're not pressure regulated and at a quick glance seem dearer than the Matabi ones which are. Thanks anyway Dpack.

Any other suggestions??

I bought a 20litre Hardi sprayer about 15 years ago, think it has needed one new diaphragm and a nozzle in that time, although it probably only gets used a few hours each summer.

Ta Crofter, I haven't heard of them. ' will go off and Google now Wink
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