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Bacon chop anyone?

I thought I'd put this in the grow your own bit because it seemed fitting.

So, who would eat it?

there are a few endangered species that are delicious, if a tuft or scrape can give the correct flavour and texture of the real thing im up for biopunk sharkfin soup for those who like it puke_l puke_r and adder in garlic butter for me.

Probably better (depending on inputs) than battery farming

How do we think it’ll sit with those with religious sensibilities? Tahir? Artificial pork?

I’m guessing the good books are not equipped to answer that.

It won’t work for vegetarian. What they forget to tell you is that lab cells rely on foetal bovine serum to grow. It’s not quite slaughter free.

Not sure. I don't think I'm the target market for any artificial meat product.

I'm sure that they'll engineer out the need for bovine foetal serum eventually. Got to be at least 10 years from a marketable product, as you know lots of advances in bio chemistry will happen in that time frame
Ty Gwyn

I wonder who will be the first to grow a snout eating that artificial muck.

not quite to the stage of no face meat in the shops they do seem to be getting funded so somebody sees that it has potential.

at a guess the tech is similar to growing a chunk of liver or a cornea for replacement medicine so even if it never gets 3 michlin stars it might be where the growing of tissues is perfected.
Mistress Rose

Useful research, but needs a lot more work, as they say, before it will produce anything useable, and also something people will eat. It will probably never produce anything that is really recognisable as meat, just meat flavoured goo which can be shaped to make chunks.

I notice that in a response to a paper written to say why we shouldn't eat meat, a farmer has pointed out that a lot of land that is ideal for pasture is not ideal for arable crops. We had an example of that near us where they ploughed a steep slope and planted it only to discover it was a. hard to crop as so steep, b. it was mainly flints and chalk, so the crops only grew if so much artificial fertilizer was added it was uneconomic. They may well have broken a few tines too. It has now been returned to grazing and the cows and sheep are quite happy.

People also seem to forget that if we don't eat species like the Large Black Pig, it will definitely die out as no one will be breeding it.
Mistress Rose

That is always a problem Shan. It is something that people who advocate not eating or using animal products seem to miss. Who is going to keep animals if there is no economic use for them, and who is going to keep the pasture nice if there are no animals to graze it? Even downland scrubs up quickly if not grazed.
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